Prophetic Insights for 2018

God will keep His Word. A global revival producing a harvest has begun. The magnitude of it will be beyond our ability to comprehend as large portions of geographical areas will stream into the Body of Christ. Souls are on the mind of God. Let it be on your mind too!

This is the year to become true Disciples of Christ and not just church attendees. Discipleship starts in your heart, not in the church. Services are designed primarily to deliver the Word, to equip us, to offer opportunities for Holy Spirit ministry, to grant occasions for worship, and for strength. Just yield!

The spiritual atmosphere is very ripe for something new. God is moving and preparing for fabulous times of refreshing in His presence. We have endured a dry season, but now we are headed for times of rejuvenation. Seek out His presence!

Don't forsake or ignore any personal prophetic words you have received from the Spirit of God just because you haven't seen their fulfillment yet. God is faithful to what He has spoken to you. His timing will be perfect. Don't let go NOW!

The workings of the Spirit will take the True Church to new levels of power and authority towards outreach and ministry. Five-fold ministers will intensify their delivery of the Holy Scriptures as they prepare believers to seize their purpose and become fruitful in the Harvest Fields. Be courageous!

More and more people will fall away from their relationship with God. Don't be moved by who falls away or be confused at this activity. The Bible predicts there will be large numbers engaging in abandoning their faith during the End Times. Don't let this happen to you!

This year a great movement by God to deliver restoration to the lives of true followers of Christ will be experienced. Don't limit God in what He plans on returning to your life. Keep your confession righteous. He will restore many relationships, restore lost opportunities, and return what formerly had appeared to be lost. Let God do it!

A powerful display of renewed huger for God's Word will produce believers that are truly conformed to the image of Christ, spiritually knowledgable, and wise. They will also be filled with true holiness. Feast on His Word every opportunity you can!

The Glory of God has begun to be seen more regularly! Keep pursuing its mainfestation, keep learning how to recognize it, and keep responding appropriately with open hearts. You will not want to miss this!

The spirits of the anti-Christ and spirits of the anti-Church will increase their activities causing severe degrees of persecution and trials. Do not become afraid nor let your faith become passive. Stand and keep standing, for God will deliver you. Keep your focus!

We will continue to witness good being called evil and evil being called good. Our culture in America is inundated with rumors, fake news, and speculations. Personal opinions have become the core value of what many believe is the truth. Don't fall for worldly thinking or allow any pollution from this culture to influence you. Stay pure and discerning!

Continue to maintain regular attendance to a godly local house and faithful participation by serving, giving, and tithing. This will offer bountiful benefits and it will keep you from entering a spiritual famine. Loyalty to Christ pays off!

God is promoting faithful believers inside ministerial areas, as well as outside in the marketplace. They will find their godly purposes and they will experience an increase of all things as they accept and respond wholeheartedly to where He has placed them. Good things ahead!

Long term faithfulness among God's leadership has positioned them to experience divine insights and revelations. This is a great day for those who are spiritually sound and willing to grow spiritually. Those sitting under their ministries will mature quickly and operate with strong faith. Listen to them!


Prophetic Insights for 2017

Psalms 25:5 (TPT) Escort me along the way; take me by the hand and teach me. For You are the God of my increasing salvation; I have wrapped my heart into Yours!

The climate of the nation has changed. Watch God reverse the attitudes of many who have labored to hinder the advancement of His Kingdom. An increase of diving favor and grace is falling upon His believers.

Do not allow the enemy or the issues of life to distract you from the Matthew 6:33 dynamic. Do not allow anything to pull you away from seeking first the Kingdom. Set this as your absolute priority.

This year is a year of distinct victories. Keep the focus for victory before you as you face any struggle, fight any battle, or hear any unexpected reports.

The greatest days for our generation in America lie just before us. Stay faithful to intercede that God's purposes will be accomplished this year. They will lay the foundation for America's future.

The Spirit of God is moving to promote strong leaders. Anointed men and women will be divinely placed in His army on the earth. They will focus on disciplines that will mature the army and prepare them for last day's battles as the army advances the Kingdom of God.

God has always preceded His people and gone before them to make necessary openings. This year the Spirit will orchestrate supernatural encounters and Kingdom opportunities. Discern these divine openings and move forward into them. Seize quickly what God has provided as a pathway for you.

God is delivering divine instructions for seasons of activation causing shakings to occur. Their purpose will carry out the necessity to rid believers of any questions of what exactly the Kingdom of God is, for His Kingdom will not be shaken.

Prepare for the promised harvest. God is filling the ranks with specially gifted and talented people to strengthen His army. This year is going to be a time when many people will begin awakening to God's love and find their purpose.

The enemy has tried to cover up believer's potential and destiny, but God is breaking forth. Embrace the challenges that you are presented with in this season. Hidden in them are the keys for your spiritual advancement.

Tithing and giving of offerings are not a suggestion. They are the instructions from the Holy Bible. Many believers need to repent and return to financial obedience. Local churches are suffering unnecessarily due to disobedience.

Stay faithful to church attendance. Hearing the Word of God preached occasionally just will not prepare you for the days ahead.

++God's altars will once again fill with serious-hearted believers crying out. They will want God more than anything He can do or give to them. This will release depths of His presence in services allowing the Holy Spirit to do great works.

The works of darkness and the spirits of the antichrist have not gone away. Stay spiritually clean and pure, giving the enemy no opportunity to pull you into carnal living and sinful ways.

Violence and darkness will increase globally. God's protection and His grace will be upon those who walk in the Spirit and obey His Word. Don't get dismayed over the acts of violence. Intercede and stand on Psalms 91.


Prophetic Insights for 2016

Proverbs 4:7 (NCV) Wisdom is the most important thing; so get wisdom. If it costs everything you have, get understanding.

It's a year of divine alignments and the operation of His directives. Wisdom would tell us to strengthen our determination for obedience to His Word and immediate response to the leadings of the Holy Spirit. It provides a solid foundation for His governing powers to function fully!

There will be times of tremendous spiritual breakthroughs. The walls of hindrances that have opposed the moving of the Spirit of God will crack and crumble as believers stand strong and remain faithful this year. Do not compromise!

God is raising up a whole new company of people who are willing to stand up, speak out, and call forth the full purposes of God in regions, states, and even in this nation. God will be assigning His angelic hosts to assist believers during this prophetic time. God will also propel His people into a greater dimension of spiritual authority to serve His purpose. Keep active and speak out strong!

Manifestations of the Word of the Lord uttered in prophesies for decades over His people are becoming realities. It is time to remain faithful and keep confessing those words over your life. You will gain your decisive victories and breakthroughs, and you will have your spiritual advancement, even in the midst of the challenges you face. Prophetic words have power!

Local churches are beginning to lose favor with many governmental agencies in some communities. As a direct result, it will become increasingly difficult for churches to expand facilities, build buildings, or be able to hold church related functions in public locations in those communities. Intercede that your community does not head in this direction!

Healthy local churches are indispensable at this hour for the perpetual growth of vibrant and productive expressions of true Christianity. Increasing numbers of attacks by the anti-church spirit will try to cause havoc, divisions, and weaknesses. With unified intercession made by the faithful, each local church can be guarded and protected. It's a time for prayer and intercession!

2016 will be a year where His people will witness a fresh sense of God's governmental order. The Spirit will move quickly at the beginning of the year to realign, reorganize, remove, readjust, redirect, and reassign ministry functions to produce more efficiency and reveal more glory to Him as He does things only He can do through His church. Let Him be the Lord over all!

Great boldness is going to fall on the true followers of Christ. Words will quickly come as believers merely open their mouths to share Bible truths and corageously confront doctrinal error often believed in this hour. Their words will be so spiritually impacting that they can't be challenged, causing many to repent, change their thinking, and embrace the correct Bible path. Confidence will keep growing with each bold encounter, accomplishing effective witnessing. Don't be afraid to speak up!

User-friendly churches shall begin to see a decline in attendees when a significant spiritual paradigm shift starts by mid-year. Many believers will be so hungry for the Word of Truth and concerned by the burdens of the day that they will seek out Pulpiteers who are strong, bold, and noncompromising. Get ready for church growth!

The religious community will continue to resist, try to hinder, and reject the advancement of true Christianity. They will never be a friend to God's desires nor to us who serve Him with our whole hearts. Just keep serving God!

Difficult times will come rooted in the carnal behavioral patterns tolerated by many among us who are not true followers of Christ within the local house. They talk a big talk, but their walk when away from the local house is not the same. Let the leadership deal with them and don't listen to their lies or follow their lifestyles. Don't be influenced by them and keep living clean!

Those who honor God with their hearts and lips will receive an increasing level of His favor upon their lives in the spiritual realm to gain their victories. We will see supernatural manifestations of funding, opportunities for advancement in the natural realm, as well as unusual openings in the spiritual realm. Spiritual warfare will be extremely successful this year. Honor Him and He will honor you. Don't get weary in doing spiritual warfare. Stick with it!

The gifts and manifestations of the Holy Spirit such as healing, deliverance, and speaking in tongues are a must in church services. Limitations should never occur when He desires to bless His people. Seek His presence, His power, and His love above all else during services and let the Holy Spirit pour out with abundance upon His people. You will never be sorry!

Prophetic Direction, November 2015

This is the text of Rev. Harrington's November letter to her Covenant Partners. It is so poignant that we decided to share it with everyone who visits our website. 

Ecclesiastes 3:1 (NIV) There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.

The world has a saying, "There is a time for everything," and they eagerly look forwrd to the fulfillment of that time. They become active clock and calendar watchers. However, while this is indicated by Solomon's verse, believers understand that the fulfillment of everything comes from a higher source of power than the world often considers. What the world usually views stems from thoughts of temporary events or celebrations, like our upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. But our focus is on God's eternal purposes. We understand the purpose of fulfillment remains with God and because of that, there is no need to watch clocks and calendars as the natural-minded people do. We are able to discern the seasons and times prophetically.

We study prophetic scriptures, signs as God indicates them to us, and we comprehend the witness within our spirit-man as He quickens to us any sense of timing for fulfillments. To those of us who value the prophetic, this is a lifestyle that is thrilling, exciting, and keeps our eyes fixed on prophetic scriptures. Our eager anticipation is at an entirely higher level as it is focused entirely on God's involvement.

Today, we are recognizing the undeniable signs of the times and the awareness of the importance of standing as those completely committed to the anticipated Rapture. Our hearts are pressing into embracing everything the Spirit is revealing to us and responding to every opportunity presented to us. The evidence will be seen in us. For the Remnant Church will be actively fulfilling its destiny and in full function. its power will be unquestionably from God. How we all long to be part of that!

This is certinly our day, a day set aside to enter into the Harvest Fields rich with anointing, covered in His beauty, and mighty in His strength. The true church will be a force that darkness cannot stop. Be determined to be a prophetically sharpened believer who marches to the drum beat of the Holy Spirit's timing.

Colossians 3:16-17 (NIV) Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom through psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit, singing to God with gratitude in your hearts. 17 And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

Prophetic Insights for 2015


In the days and weeks ahead, many voices will release various prophecies concerning movements of God, warnings, and declarations of God’s desires. Cautiously listen and heed the voices of credible ministers who have a proven testimony of longevity in both anointed ministry and godly character.

Stick as close as possible to your man or woman of God. This is the not time to not be under the spiritual leadership of the ones who teach the Word of God. They offer healthy, sound accountability for your spiritual development.

Continue to develop true spiritual discernment. Accept what is from the Spirit of God and is tested by the Word of God, and quickly reject seducing spirits whose exact nature is to lie and lead believers astray. Seducing spirits have one goal and that is to influence believers to turn away from God and His Word. Accurate discernment will be your most effective weapon against becoming a spiritual vagabond.

This year, true and seriously devoted believers will begin to experience a greater demonstration of God’s spiritual blessings, divine favor, and increase of financial resources.

Keep remembering and standing for former prophecies that were spoken over you from God. They should be shaping your release of faith, direction, and helping to maintain your purpose. No prophecy will come into reality without spiritual warfare over it and the release of your faith.

Shaking of everything that can be shaken has been in every venue of life. Now we are beginning to see that true believers are more stable, settled, and confident than ever before. They have passed through troubled waters but are on the other side now. Watch them arise with a renewed sense of purpose and unshakable commitment to the Kingdom of God.

Watch out for the blight of darkness that is on the American culture. Do not allow political correctness thinking that endorses an acceptance of sinfulness to cause tolerance of sinful behavior or attitudes. Believers must not compromise the moral standards of God’s Holy Word. In doing so, it will impact your lives negatively.

Live from what the Bible says you are, what it says you can do, and what it says you can have. Shut your ears to gainsayers and others who say you cannot.

Focusing faith will cause the realization of profound possibilities that exist in the invisible realm. Faith gives access to the invisible realms of the spirit so borders of limitations can be erased. Faith is the spiritual substance that brings proof to the unseen eternal realm of promise and ever expanding possibilities. Faith is the proof of what you cannot see. Seeking God for spiritual eyes to see will provide the opportunities for experiencing things that will enhance your spiritual life.

God’s Spirit is calling His beloved to spend more time with Him and awaken your hearts to grasp a deeper and more profound understanding of who He is.

We live in the age of busyness and distraction. Keep your focus and target your levels of obedience to God to manifest His intention for your life, and don’t waver in your commitment levels.

Stay in the local church and work, give, and help it become everything that God has called it to become. The church vision must be fulfilled!

Believers will finally understand that giving is the direct link to receiving. We will see giving amounts of individual believers soon become more important to them than presenting their tithe alone. God will truly increase them beyond measure.

The Lord is getting ready to expose His true Church and send out the remnant to the world. These are the believers who have endured the necessary shaking and have allowed the glory of God to give them the required substance and spiritual reality they need in this hour. Their testimony of daily living will be a stark contrast to the carnal, religious, and worldly church attenders.

This is the day of opportunity for witnessing, praying for people, sharing God’s Word, and experiencing signs, wonders, and miracles. Just get busy going about doing the Father’s business and leave the results to Him.

Do not spend time giving heed to the reports of the world, or listening to the distractions and discouragements of the enemy, but instead hear clearly what the Lord is highlighting and sharing with you, and be encouraged.

Do not give your mind over to the cares of this world or of life. God is on the throne and will take care of those who are seeking Him above all else and are making His priorities theirs.

Break the bonds of the sin of familiarity, the spirit of poverty, and carnal relationships now. They are weights that hold you back from advancing into the things of God and reaching your full spiritual potential.

This is not the time to be lax because the Lord is looking for radical warriors. It is time to shake off any evidence of spiritual lethargy and prepare for a spiritual awakening. Spiritual warfare will turn things around.

Keep releasing love, especially towards others in the Body of Christ. It is one testimony Jesus told us would be a flashing neon sign to the world that we are genuine Christians. Show compassion, mercy, and grace.

The enemy has attempted to rule over the Church with the spirits of religion, compliancy, slothfulness, and complacency, in an effort to thwart the worship of God in spirit and truth. The devil knows that is what God longs for. When half-hearted worship is presented, it will suck the life from the Church. Arise to a refreshed and renewed commitment to worship wholeheartedly. God deserves that from His redeemed people.