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The Rapture Will Occur

Serious minded believers who are living out their complete devotion to Christ will find this message a great strength to their spiritual lives. As the Church Age heads towards its conclusion, God’s promise to lift His faithful believers from this planet and to embrace them with heaven’s reality truly stimulates our desire to remain steadfast and faithful. God’s wrath will come, but before it does sincere believers will escape through this promised event.


Priority of Christ

Making Christ our first priority is a wonderful and actual reality. Knowing this brings us great blessings! The Bible tells us that God really wants to provide everything we will ever need if only we will put Him first (Matthew 6:33). Living out God’s will for us is a wonderful journey that exposes us to the richness of His presence and peace in our lives.


Never Give In Or Give Up

As believers we serve a mighty, glorious and all powerful God Who has promised to be on our side and work on our behalf in all situations. This knowledge undergirds us as we face difficulties and life issues that are common to every human being. The Bible assures us that God’s sustaining power will intervene in our lives when we ask Him. This message will strip away any excuses for being complacent about trusting in the goodness and faithfulness of our God.


Receiving and Releasing Your Personal Prophecy

Have you ever received a personal prophecy? You know it is critically important to your life because it came from God’s Spirit, but you don’t really know what to do with it. This message will teach you how to use your personal prophecy to find the path that leads to that part of God’s will your prophecy describes. It is up to you to use your prophecy to release your destiny.


God's Plumb Line

God’s Word is His gift to us for successful Christian living. He designed His Word to be alive and to powerfully deliver freedom and guidance, to stimulate our faith and reliance upon Him, and to strengthen our desire to be conformed into the image of His Son Jesus. The Bible must be taught clearly and with accuracy. Sound doctrine is vital if we want to reach our full spiritual potential. Any deviation from God’s truth will weaken His people.