Class III

As an internationally recognized prophetic voice to the Church, Dove Ministries International provides spiritual covering and authority to men and women of like-minded faith who have demonstrated God’s call upon their lives.

DMI recognizes callings to both the Five-Fold Ministry and to the Helps Ministry.

To meet the needs of individual gifts, and to ensure continuation of scripturally based church governments, DMI confers four distinct ordination and licensing classes.

Class III

DMI calls Class III ministers “Exhorters.” A Class III minister is one who works in conjunction with local house leadership and who is active in ministry operations.  The Exhorter’s gift is recognized by the grace consistently displayed through words of exhortation and encouragement that often focus on evangelism. Exhorters are recognized for their stable influence in the local house and are often called upon to do hospital visitations, prison ministry, and to exhort believers to remain stable and strong in their relationship with the Lord.

Class III Ministers

  • Charles Murray

    Mr. Charles Murray, Class III


    Ministry of Helps

    Fresh Start Church of Petoskey
    2501 US 31 North
    Petoskey MI, 49770

  • Michelle Ryan

    Rev. Michelle Ryan, Class III


    Solid Rock Christian Center
    5888 Bayonne
    Haslett, MI 44840