Policies for Withdrawal or Dismissal of Class I Ordination

Dove Ministries International will never take unnecessary action without first seeking the counsel of God and then carefully considering any evidence, including speaking with the person voicing a concern. To establish this, a two week waiting period will be imposed before a decision to act is made. It will always be our first priority to assist our ministers in maintaining their relationships with the Lord Jesus Christ and remaining in good standing with Dove Ministries International.

Unfounded complaints brought before Dove Ministries International will not be considered nor will any unrighteous plot of individuals or groups wanting to discredit a godly minister. Our only concern is to safeguard the Gospel and the good reputation of both the ministers and Dove Ministries International.

Prior to any decision, the minister will be asked to have a personal interview with both the president and vice-president of Dove Ministries International. At that time all evidence and concerns will be discussed. The minister will have an opportunity to explain his position. A two week consideration period will be taken by Dove Ministries International officers. Their written decision will be sent to the minister by certified mail at the end of those two weeks.

Other members of Dove Ministries International will also be given written notice if a dismissal has taken place, thereby safeguarding against the possibility of any unfounded gossip or error.